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Gallery images from DownUnder

The images below are in two sections. First General & Second Airshow images offered to this site for use
consisting of "Scanned Images" and "Digital Photos".

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General Image Selection:

Avro 626                                    Avro Avian
Avro 626 NZ 301                                                  Avro Avian
This was restored and flown by the RNZAF                This aircraft was restored by Lang Kidby in 1997/98,
It is on display at the RNZAF museum Wigram           and is now resident in the USA
Photo: RNZAF Official  (178 k)                                     Photo: Craig Justo  (154 k)

P-40 Warhawk                                  F4U-1a & TBM-1
P40-K Kittyhawk                                                Vought F4U-1-A Corsair  & TBM Avenger
There is currently only one Flying P40 in NZ.            These aircraft have been sold. The Corsair to
But this is due to change very                                       Brazil and the Avenger to Australia.
soon as more rebuilds are due to fly.                            The F4U-1 is painted as NZ5201 and the TBM as NZ2518 "Plonky"
Photo: John Dibbs (195k)                                            Photo: John Dibbs (287k)

RNZAF TAF P51                         Mk-XVI & Mk-XIV
Mustang P51-D
                                                   Mk XVI & Mk XIV Spitfires
This was the first of the current wave of Warbirds.    These aircraft manage to put on a fabulous show
It is operated by the New Zealand Historic                 whenever they are in the air. Unfortunately the Mk XIV
Aircraft Trust  Ardmore, Auckland.                            crashed, but a rebuild is under way.
Photo: Neville Dawson (180k)                                    Photo: John Dibbs (239k)

SeaFury                         Fiat G-59
Hawker Seafury
                                                  Fiat G-59
This aircraft is a very active display participant          This aircraft is a very active display participant
and is based in Australia.                                               and is part of the Guido Zuccoli Collection in Australia.
Photo: Chaz Price (193k)                                              Photo: Craig Justo (231k)

Polikarpov I-16                                  Fokker DR.1  Mk VI tank
Polikarpov I-16s                                                  5 Fokker Dr.1 Triplanes
These aircraft were restored by the Russians for          This World first was part of the Classic Fighters 2003 airshow
Sir Tim Wallis and the Alpine Fighter Collection.         The Replica WW1 tank was was made by Peter Jacksons
They were known as RATA's in the West.                   "lord of the rings" special effects team, just for the show.
Photo: Ian Brodie  (135 k)                                             Photo: Michael Price(280k)

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Selection from previous Airshows:   
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Warbirds over Wanaka - 2004
Lavochkin LA-9 Corsair NZ5648 Kittyhawk NZ3009  Piston Formation Corsair Flyby Jet Formation

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Classic Fighters Marlborough - 2005

Boomerang Hurricane Bristol Fighter Camel & Bristol Camel Spitfire in RAAF Markings RAAF Shark Markings Catalina RNZAF Markings Ryan 2 Ryans

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Warbirds over Wanaka - 2002

Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane P40- RAAF P40-n I-16  Rata I-153 "Chaika" Tumilias Replica

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Warbirds over Wanaka - 1998

I-16  Rata I-16  Rata P40-e  RNZAF 
P40-e  RNZAF 
P51 Isabelle P51 Isabelle


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